After a series of average (and below average, we could add) NFS games, EA seems determined to do the job right this time (even if it may take a little longer to do so). Despite Payback being a mixed bag, it managed to fix some major issues that were present in the earlier NFS games (especially the most recent ones). Still, the general consensus was that, despite all these improvements, this game was still lacking when it comes to the content itself. EA realized that and, judging by what we can see in the promo trailer, the Speedcross update should (hopefully) resolve that as we are getting some fancy new vehicles as well as some exciting new events.

This is the first major update for the game and it includes all kinds of things from the abandoned cars and steering wheel support all the way to (of course) new cars and the Speedcross mode that allows players to score as many points as humanly possible by tackling different challenges that include Jumps, Drift Zones, Speed Traps and Smackables as well. There will be 16 unique events scattered around 4 different zones - Canyon, Construction, Ember Valley and Airfield.

When it comes to the vehicles, we should expect to see Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, Volvo 242DL, Volvo Amazon P130, Plymouth Barracuda, Nissan Skyline 2000 GTR and BMW M3 Evolution II E30. But that's not all yet! As we can see in the trailer, Mini John Cooper Works Countryman and Infiniti Q60 S make their appearance as well. On top of that, we should expect to see Nissan 350Z, Ford Focus RS and Dodge Charger as well. However, as EA states on their blog: "Abandoned Cars will start appearing across Fortune Valley very soon as a free addition to all owners of NFS Payback. The first car to go find is the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, with more cars to arrive in the comings weeks". So, we won't get all these cars right away but we will surely have fun with our Mazda before the new ones arrive.

Speedcross update is free for all the owners of Need for Speed Payback: Deluxe Edition while the others will be able to buy it as a separate title. On the other hand, abandoned cars will soon be free for everyone who bought the base game. Make sure to check out the official statement of EA on their blog for full info on what to expect from this update.

And, of course, don't miss out on this exciting trailer...