Great news coming for all Pokemon fans (and/or 3DS owners as well). After the re-release of the classic Red, Blue and Yellow Pokemon games last year and after Gold and Silver Pokemon games were brought to life (yet) again earlier this year, Pokemon Crystal will also be re-released for 3DS and it's set to come next month already. Both the nostalgic people who remember this game fondly and the people looking forward to experience it from scratch (but with updated visuals) will have a chance to grab their copy on January 26 for only $10. The game will be packaged in (sort of) a replica of its original box used for Game Boy Color back in 2000 and that will be a privilege for both Japan and Europe as well. The bundle will also contain a download code too.

In order to make things clear and let people know what they can expect (provided that they didn't experience Pokemon Crystal in its original form), let's make a small recap. Pokemon Crystal is a third game from the 2nd generation of Pokemon games and a legit successor of Gold and Silver. It is also an enhanced version of these two Pokemon games that added more content as well as some changes to the main storyline. The list of features seen in the original Gold and Silver Pokemon games was expanded as well and now we got some awesome additions like the Battle Towers, the ability to play as a female protagonist and, for the first time ever, we got Pokemon animations as well. Trading different Pokemon species was also a thing (we should add - a must too) back in the time in order to complete your Pokedex entries, for example. The 3DS remake of Pokemon Crystal will also allow you to transfer all the Pokemon species that you caught-in game to the Pokemon Bank and you will also be able to transfer them back and use them in the newest entries in the franchise - Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The wireless connectivity will return as well and it will allow different players to trade the Pokemon between themselves but they will also be able to chat and initiate multiplayer battles in a true co-op fashion.

What else to say except....we definitely need to catch them all! Make sure to watch the announcement trailer below and prepare yourself for January 26.