Exciting news coming directly from the headquarters of IO Interactive. Their highly-successful Hitman game is getting holiday updates. The Paris map will be available for download starting from December 15 and anyone who's been playing this game on either Xbox One, PS4 or PC will be able to get it for free. As the company noted on their website, this includes the first mission, "Showstopper", all the Paris Escalation Contracts, "Holiday Hoarders" mission and, lastly, the Paris Challenge Packs (including all the achievements and trophies as well).

That being said, though, this update will be up for a limited period only but, as long as you download it until January 5, the content is there to stay with you permanently. And not only that, all the progress that you make here will be fully transferable into the full game whenever you choose to upgrade your base product and get the Game of the Year edition that was released back in November.

As per IO themselves: " This time last year, we released the 'Holiday Hoarders' mission in Paris and we're excited to see even more players try it this year. It's a festive mission, with holiday-themed weapons and decorations, plus a teleporting Santa and two thieves trying to steal presents spread around the Palais de Walewska. As Agent 47, it's your job to save the day by eliminating these thieves before they can ruin Christmas. As for Santa, you can let him spread Christmas joy or throw a brick at his head and steal his clothes. It's your call.". We really liked the way they phrased this paragraph and, in our own case, they definitely convinced us to give this pack a try!

For the end, here's a detailed rundown of features coming in this holiday pack (taken directly from their website once again):

ICA Facility Location

  • 2 story missions
  • 2 Escalation Contracts
  • 40+ Challenges
  • 17 Xbox achievements / PS Trophies

Paris Location

  • 'Showstopper' story mission
  • 'Holiday Hoarders' mission
  • 18 Escalation Contracts
  • 20 levels of Paris Mastery (including 6 gear/weapon unlocks)
  • 100+ Challenges
  • 7 Xbox achievements / PS Trophies
  • Vampire Magician Challenge Pack
  • Secret Santa Challenge Pack (rewards Santa suit unlock)
  • Professional Difficulty Level for Paris
  • Future Re-activated Elusive Targets in Paris

We have nothing else to add except to thank our friends from IO and wish them happy holidays as well. We are certainly looking forward to next year and we hope to see more information on their next Hitman game too!