The Walking Dead franchise surely is a cultural phenomenon nowadays and, with such huge popularity, it's no wonder that gaming studios are looking forward to earn some nice cash by following these trends. Telltale Games already showcased how to make a good and successful The Walking Dead game and people from Starbreeze Studios surely hope to make one step further in making the ultimate TWD gaming product.

The company has already revealed that they are working on their own The Walking Dead Game but, right now, we finally get to meet the 1st out of 4 playable characters - Aidan. He is a chill fighter armed with a heavy baseball bat, looking to fight his way through hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. setting.

As Starbreeze already announced on their website, Overkill's The Walking Dead game will be a 4-player multiplayer FPS action game that will test both the players' endurance and the strategy as well. The game will feature plenty of different missions and raids. The objectives will vary from securing the basic supplies all the way to saving the remaining survivors and straightening the base camp against the threat of the dead (and the living as well). Each of the 4 playable characters will have their own unique skill sets, special abilities, play styles, roles and the background stories as well. But, they will all work with a common goal in mind - to eradicate the undead without losing their heads in the process!

We honestly have high hopes for the final product and, after looking at this first character trailer, we already boarded the hype train! You can watch the Aidan trailer down below: