Spintires Mudrunner is essentially a Game of the Year edition of the Indie hit Spintires that was released on the PC way back in 2014. The game has numerous improvements including a severe graphical overhaul, a new challenge mode, 5 environments and a sandbox map with all this content this is how a rerelease should be done.

Spintires is an offroad simulator with a dynamic day and night cycle. You play a delivery driver in a open world Siberia where the object of the game is to collect and deliver wood to and from various logging camps. How you get to and from these points is up to you but you have to be aware of the three problems routinely faced, these are your Fuel, damaging your vehicle and losing your load. The game sounds simple enough in premise but that's before you have to factor in the environmental hazards e.g. Rivers and Mud to which the vehicles react realistically. Many a time have I slid in mud to get caught on a rock and then find myself having to use a winch to get myself out of trouble.

The game contains a 4 player coop mode with a choice of 19 unlockable vehicles but its recommended doing the tutorial a few times at least to learn the basics and certain vehicles are better suited to your task than others, try driving through a muddy track with a vehicle without 4 wheel drive and differential lock and you'll be cursing out load before long. The environments while large are empty yes there are abandoned cars along the country roads and there is the sound of birdsong but there is no signs of life its like playing a driving game on the moon and it very quickly gets boring.

All in all Spintires Mudrunner is a solid off roading simulator with a few glaring issues and at 34.99 on the Xbox store I can't help but feel that this is overpriced compared to other racing games on the market that are of a similar price. If the game retailed at 19.99 then this would have been a bargain but when you can pick up a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 for a similar price it becomes glaringly obvious which game to purchase and sadly it's not this one. If you see this in a sale at some point in the future I would recommend giving it a whirl, but only if you can get it for substantially less than £20 and only if you want a driving game that's different.