Fancy a new PS4 controller this Christmas?

Sony has announced a new batch of officially licensed controllers for the PS4. It includes a unique mini gamepad by HORI and compact controllers created by Nacon and @Play.

The three controllers all feature the core controls, which includes a directional pad, four action buttons, two triggers, two bumpers, dual analog sticks, and L3, R3, Share, Options, and PS buttons.

The Nacon Wired Compact Controller features a smaller grip, perfect for younger players who have smaller hands. It includes a 3m cable and a fully functional touch pad. It will be available in black, blue, gray, orange, and red and will launch next month.

In addition, Nacon will also launch special variants of the controller with a translucent outfit. It will be available in red, blue, and green.

The @PLAY Wired Compact Controller features a two-toned design, making it easily distinguishable from the Nacon Wired Compact Controller. It comes with the same features, which includes a 3m cable, a stereo headset port, and a fully functional touch pad. It will be available in blue, dark gray, red, and white and will launch in December.

The HORI Wired Mini Gamepad is the most different between the three. It features a retro-inspired compact design without the hand grips, making it highly suitable for kids. Though it includes all the core functions, it lacks a full-fledged regular-sized touch pad. According to Sony, players can use the dual analog sticks to "simulate a range of touch pad gestures."

The shape of the gamepad makes it look like a Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch, especially the red one. However, the twin stick setup makes sure that players won't confuse the two controllers when placed next to each other on a crowded table.

Like the Nacon Wired Compact Controller, the HORI Wired Mini Gamepad arrives next month. It will be available in black, blue, and red.

If you want any of these controllers, make sure to ask local retailers when they will have them in stock.