PC Hardware posted a review of the KT266A based board, Epox 8KHA+. The reviewer discovered that the motherboard is very easy to overclock, extremely stable in high FSBs and a very good performer. The motherboard was tested in Windows 2000 SP2 and Linux Mandrake 8.1 using SiSoft Sandra 2001 SE, Bapco SysMark 2001, Winstone CC 2001, Winstone Business 2001 and Quake III. PC Hardware also experienced the highest memory score ever with a AMD CPU in SiSoft Sandra 2001 SE. Heres a quote:

    The expandability provided by this design is quite large. The memory limitation of most KT266 solutions is also over passed, but not totally; 1.5Gb is a lot of memory, but 2Gb would have been better. Around the CPU socket there is enough space to install one of the largest coolers available, Swiftech MC462, although at a first look it may seem that the space is quite limited.