A product listing for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for PS4 has been spotted online. It was seen on ShopTo, a UK retailer, with January 18, 2018, as the release date.

The listing is no longer available, though, which could mean that it's probably legit. No other details accompanied the listing aside from the release date. Capcom loves to roll out different versions of Street Fighter games, so this is hardly surprising news for fans of the fighting game series.

If this new version turns out to be the real deal, it will most likely be some sort of definitive edition that includes all the post-release goodies Capcom has released so far. The product title also suggests that it will include an arcade mode, a feature that Capcom gave the cold shoulder in favor of online multiplayer.

Hopefully, the Arcade Edition will be a free update for players who already own the original game. Because Capcom owes them a bucket of gratitude for buying a horribly incomplete game at launch. The original game had little to no single-player content, no thanks to Capcom placing more focus on competitive multiplayer. Let's hope that the Arcade Edition, if it's legit, fixes this by introducing a proper arcade mode.

Street Fighter V is the sixth - yes, sixth - main installment in the long-running series. It was released back in February 2016 for PS4 and PC. Though the overall fighting gameplay was well-received by both critics and fans, the game was marred by numerous issues at launch. The lack of single-player content also bummed out players who had zero interest in fighting against real players online.

Capcom has steadily complemented the base game with post-release content, which includes additional characters such as Guile and Urien. With Capcom focused on keeping Street Fighter V around for a while, expect to see more updates and DLC content in the future, which may or may not come in bundled form.

Capcom has yet to comment on the spotted product listing.