Lethal League Review

Lethal Legion X Box 1

Take a game that mixes super smash brothers arcade style beat them up action with Baseball and what do you get? You get Lethal Legion, whose three main characters aim in life is to dish out the pain with a fast ball too the mush!

As you play on you will unlock skins, extra arenas and who knows maybe a few extra characters to utilise on the way.  All sounds pretty funky on the surface yes?  Well let's probe a little deeper....


It's a simple exercise in button pushing to be honest and not difficult to learn at all. X strikes the ball, Y tosses it into the air, B charges your shot (charge enough and you will launch a special extra powerful strike) and A makes the character jump.  Move with d-pad or left stick, see you get the picture. The right stick utilises the dodge options as far as I can recall. Recall? You mean hey reviewer you've forgotten?  Well there is a pretty good reason for that and I'll get down to that in a little while. I warn you this is NOT the world's longest or most in-depth review, far from it.

And that's because....

There is so little depth too this game. Jump, strike a ball, hit a target three times and he's out. Platforms to leap from etc are all pretty expected by now and yes you have them, yes there are a lot of arenas, and character skins etc BUT the gameplay has as much depth as a puddle and a pretty small one at that.


Bright and colourful and could have come from obscure comic book or animated TV show, I'll give it that. Visually although not striking it does grab the attention as you play. 


Techno I think is the term to use?  Certainly a driving bass beat too the whole thing but I don't really know my dub-step from a fandango so I am perhaps not the right guy to ask about such details!  It does the job I guess and now I think about it there is a very feint Jet Set Radio vibe going on unless I'm mistaken.


Well they've hung up their coat and hat on a hook as they have entered the area so to speak. Nothing realistic going on here, and it suits the comic strip feel so that IS a plus in it's favour, but thats one of the few things that is.

At least Tennis in your Face offers a) a challenge b) to some extent challenge the braincells, and c) at least supply belly laughs. This fails to do any of the above. Single play is as dull as dishwater after a while. Local co-op might be fun but nobody I know would enjoy this. Seriously that's being honest.

So on line? Lobbies were a vacant as the Gobi Desert. I tried this but I waited so long for it to find a game that I think I aged visibly. Honestly I think there are very few folks playing this, and those that are are probably doing so with their mates with beer and chips.

Look that's where it's appeal may lie and if so then good on you. Young teens would probably enjoy this the most but us more discerning older gamers should stay well clear.


There just is not enough on offer here for me to invest anymore time on this game than I already have, in fact as I type this the game is highlighted and I'm ready to hit the delete option.

Brutal? Maybe, but I believe honesty is the best policy. Seriously you'd get more depth in a bird bath and more enjoyment and entertainment elsewhere. Thankfully there is so much more on offer elsewhere.

Strike!......and it's out.