Europe's biggest gaming expo, Gamescom, makes its return tomorrow to the 26th in Cologne, Germany. The event is expected to be the biggest Gamescom yet with more than 900 expected exhibitors; a 20% increase from last year. In 2016's Gamescom, we were spoiled with gameplay trailers of Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and InJustice 2. So, what are we hoping for this year?


After three years of waiting, the 1930's cartoon-styled video game is finally being released at the end of next month. A brief trailer during 2017's E3 was already released, showcasing the gameplay, combat, and art-style, but maybe Gamescom will give us an even deeper look into the story of Cuphead.


Beyond Good & Evil 2

Fans of Beyond Good & Evil waited 14 years before receiving the announcement that a sequel is in the works. At E3, a cinematic trailer was shown, causing even the non-fans of the original game to be interested in what the series was about. As of right now, a release date is unknown, but hopefully we'll learn more at Gamescom.


Super Mario Odyssey

Mario has won the hearts of gamers and non-gamers alike, so any new information on the newest edition for the Nintendo Switch is welcomed. There's sure to be a demo for those attending the conference, but hopefully there'll be another new trailer to get fans even more pumped up for its upcoming release.


The Evil Within 2

The psychological horror is back with The Evil Within 2; a release date set at October 13th of this year. Trailers have already been released for the game, including the more recent trailer showcasing the game's new serial killer villain, but maybe we'll get more information on pre-ordering bonuses or plot details.


The Sims 4: Console Edition

Last month we received word that The Sims 4 was coming to our X-Boxes and PlayStations in November, and EA has already announced that there will be a hands-on demo at the Gamescom conference. But, for those sitting on our computers watching the livestreams, hopefully there'll be more information or trailers released to satisfy the fans of The Sims.


Far Cry 5

Although it was just announced this year, I feel as if I've been waiting for Far Cry 5's release for much longer. Ubisoft's newest entry of the franchise focuses on a cult storyline that takes place in America. A lot of details have already been announced on the game, such as the customization of the protagonist, and that you get a dog companion - but who doesn't want more trailers and details?


God of War

The newest God of War was announced at the 2016 E3 Conference, and again shown at the 2017 conference, but I want more and I'm hoping thatGamescom delivers. We know that the Sony exclusive is

due out next year, but an exact date to mark in our calendars would be nice, right?


Of course, this is just counting the games we already know are coming. I'm always looking forward to hearing new game announcements - maybe news on a remastered Mass Effect trilogy? And, I'm always greedy for more Kingdom Hearts news, but I won't get my hopes up too much.