Still having trouble hunting for the Nintendo Switch? Consumers still looking for a Switch in North America will soon have another option on how to pick up the console.

Nintendo has announced that the Switch Splatoon 2 bundle is heading to North America on September 8. It will be exclusively available at Walmart for $380. The Splatoon 2 bundle is already available in Japan and Europe. It includes a download code for Splatoon 2, a carrying case, and neon pink and neon green Joy-Cons.

This marks the first time that the Splatoon 2-themed controllers will be available in North America. Nintendo did not mention whether the controllers will be sold separately in the future. At the moment, only the gray and red-and-blue Joy-Cons are available with the console.

Though some retailers already offer the Switch bundled with games and accessories to take advantage of the demand, the Splatoon 2 bundle is the first Nintendo-approved bundle that will be available in North America.

With Nintendo still having trouble keeping up with the demand, expect the Splatoon 2 bundle to be out of stock within just a few days. Consumers still on the hunt for the Switch will no doubt be in line for the bundle, regardless whether they really plan to play Splatoon 2 or not.

Nintendo did not specify how long the Splatoon 2 bundle will be available at Walmart and whether it plans to bring the bundle to other North American stores. So, if you can afford it, we suggest picking it up as soon as it arrives next month.

There is still hope for consumers who will miss out on the Splatoon 2 bundle. With Super Mario Odyssey scheduled to arrive in late October, it is entirely possible that Nintendo could piece together another official bundle to mark the arrival of the highly anticipated Mario title. Possibly with Mario and Luigi-themed Joy-Cons.