PC Hardware have posted a review of the Compex DS2216 16 port Fast Ethernet switch. Although there are a lot of switches on the market, this one displayed several features which seemed impressing to PC Hardware. The Port Priority and Port Trunking are not common features between switches, no matter the company which manufacturers them, at least for the price. Heres a quote:

    An interesting feature that I personally liked is the port-based Priority Setting. Each port can have one of the two priority settings: High Priority or Low Priority. The network in which I work here at the PC Hardware labs (100Base - TX Fast Ethernet) is usually operating smoothly, but from time to time there are moments when opening a file from the server could seem like forever. All it took to solve this problem was to set the server priority to High. Since in a network the most traffic is not going on between clients, but between a client and the server, this really boosted up the overall performance of the network.