More pixellated 8 bit style action awaits you here!  Lock and load and get ready to paint the town, or at least the walls, floor, and quite possibly the ceiling red....


The above is paper thin to say the least, and is as deep as some of those famous Sci-Fi action movies of the 80's.  In this game you play the Butcher, a cybernetic killing machine that has been offline for some time.

Suddenly he awakes and unluckily for anyone that gets in the way, the Butcher's prime directive kicks in....humanity is a scourge, a plague on the galaxy, a cancer. Guess who has the task of cutting that cancer out?...

Mind you judging by the obstacles in your way both in the form of enemy troopers armed to the teeth, or jet packing commandos and the actual environments ahead of you, the humans are at least prepared for the eventuality.

Maybe the humans have actually taken over the bases where these monstrous armour plated meatheads have been constructed? Not that it matters a jot!

You will have to shoot enemies (no really?!) jump over pits of fire, dodge laser turrets, buzz saws and other hazards if you are to complete your mission.

Lights, camera, action!

And the action comes thick and fast and will test more than your trigger fingers. It will test your reflexes and timing too. As you progress you can upgrade weapons by (I assume) taking the technology left by your human victims and then turning it against them.


Even on easy this game is anything but and cranking up the level will push you even harder. As the bodies pile up (or actually they tend to go splat in the most spectacularly gory fashion) and the shell casings patter on the floor, tinkering like grisly bells of doom, you will probably perish more than once.

Whilst not as hard as Super Meat Boy, it still doesn't treat you gently. The screen can get pretty full of enemies and bullets, lasers etc etc. Also you have to solve little puzzles, avoid moving walls and falling ceilings and giant buzzsaws.


Fast and responsive, no complaints there. If you fall short whilst performing a leap then please don't use the old excuse of 'The game won't let me...' it's down to you amigo, you and your reflexes.


Well like Westerado this is another 8 bit style game but that doesn't detract from the game at all, in fact it brings back memories of the likes of Quake and the original Wolfenstein. I actually keep picturing this in my imagination as an old fashioned first person shooter (maybe for the sequel if there is one?) and it's fun in it's own way.


Fast, furious and challenging. Also not very long in length, but the game play time may well be extended as you get yourself into the sideways scrolling demon's souls type punishment coming your way should you make a mistake!

It's worth a go, and yes a Must Buy if this kind of game is too your taste. I had my doubts I admit, but I found it addictive and kept me going back too it and I am more than happy to crank up the difficulty and give it another go.

Lock and load....