First the usual thanks to X Box for the code for this one.

OK so what happens when some bright spark decides to mess with temporal energy? Well it causes a rift in the dimensions and worst of all attracts the attention of a certain planet guzzling entity that thinks itself as a God. Heck if Galactus wants to call himself a God, then who are we to argue?

And who can stop him? Well the heroes of two different 'worlds', those of the Capcom Universe and the Marvel Super Heroic Universe!  Fight arcade style or through the story mode where once selecting you want to be good or bad, you can go at it in bright O.T.T comic book style and lay the holy smackdown on each other, either in your living room or on line.


This is a pretty darned packed roster. Ranging from the sublime to the somewhat ridiculous perhaps in some cases. I mean on one side you can have Nemesis from Res Evil, Wesker from the same franchise, and have well...err Sir Roger from Ghosts and Goblins! (thankfully once hit, he does not go down to his underpants!) 

Add to the mix Wolverine, Chun Li, Ken and Ryu (wouldn't be street fighter without them now would it?!) Iron Fist and even Ghost Rider and you are spoilt for choice. 


Arcade mode is exactly as it says on the tin. Choose any mix of guys you want and have at it. Campaign mode is the meat and potatoes I suppose where you can unlock character endings etc.

Choose a side, either good or bad and have at it. 

Arcade mode sees you battle for control of a map broken into sectors. As you complete these you will mark off a bingo card of sorts, displaying portraits of characters. Complete a line or in some cases the entire card and you will get a better reward (see below)


These come in the form of 'cards' that add bonuses to ranged attacks, armour, defence and special attacks. You have three 'decks' that you can modify to your hearts content. You can also set certain skills through these to passive and active. Even passive ones can kick in, but best to leave them all active.

Controls, gameplay etc etc

Controls and responses are smooth and slick and anybody who have played plenty of Streetfighter games will find the usual combos are there and if you cannot remember button combos for the ultra special 20 plus hit combos, you can set them to an easy button press. Watch that gauge and when it's full, hit the right button or buttons and boom watch those fists and sparks fly.

All in all it's not that difficult unless you take it to the higher difficulty settings, but Galactus on any level is a tough boss to beat and may take several attempts to nail him. But there are ways around it. I found it easier to stay pretty close too him and fill that gauge and hit the specials. Be warned though, if he decides to flick his little pinky......all I can say is OUCH!


Ranked matches and unranked in offer and seems to be nicely balanced. Lobbies are busy and so far I have not had drop out but there can be lag when the screen gets 'busy'


Not as polished visually or as immersive as Injustice 2, it never the less provides some challenge, amusement and fun and all in all a satisfying beat 'em up thats kiddie friendly. 

Well worth a look even for the non fans out there.