Articuno is now out as a catchable Legendary in Pokemon GO. The Ice-type Pokemon has now been replaced by its fiery brother, Moltres.

The Fire-type Pokemon is now available for players to capture in Pokemon GO. But players who want to get their hands on the third member of the elemental Legendary Birds will have to move swiftly as Moltres will only be available until August 7.

Similar to its brethren, Lugia and Articuno, Moltres can be encountered via Raid Battles. To get the chance to catch the Team Valor mascot, players will need to team up with other Pokemon GO players to take it down and remove it from its perch. A one-man team won't be enough to take it down.

Once players successfully bring down Moltres, they will have the chance to catch it. Like Lugia and Articuno, Moltres is really powerful, though some have reported that the former two proved to be more difficult. It will take at least a six-man crew equipped with an excellent Pokemon team to take down Moltres.

After Moltres' time in the sun, it will be replaced by its Electric-type brother, Zapdos, who will be available from August 7 until August 14. No word yet on when the other Legendary Pokemon will arrive in Pokemon GO. Following the trend, Ho-Oh is primed to appear next after Zapdos. The Legendary Beasts - Entei, Suicune, and Raikou - will all likely appear in succession similar to the Legendary Birds.

Mew and Mewtwo are basically locked to appear last considering they are the most special. They will probably appear in some kind of special event again. Hopefully, Niantic will do a better job at facilitating that event. (In case you missed it, the Pokemon GO festival in Chicago was a disaster.)

Moltres is a Fire/Flying Pokemon especially weak to Rock-type moves. In the original Pokemon games, Red and Blue, it's the third Legendary Pokemon that players can encounter in a normal play-through. Unless players skipped visiting the Power Plant east of Cerulean City, where Zapdos was housed.