MGON have got a review of Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. Heres a bit:

    Resource gathering is also different with Yuri, as he can psychically control enemy troops and then send them into an unseemly looking machine called a 'grinder' which recycles them for credits. Yuri's harvesters are also massive slave platforms which don't return to the base, but set up shop on the ore fields. These harvesters then release slave miners, and if you listen long enough you can even hear the harvester drivers shouting at the "slave maggots" to get working (which can be very funny).

    There are two campaigns, plus multiplayer and skirmish modes. We'll talk more about multiplayer later as we don't have two copies of the game yet, but the skirmish game lets you use Yuri's forces. There is also a Russian and American campaign.

    The American campaign sees you fighting Yuri's forces in a number of famous locations. You will retake places like Hollywood, London, Sydney and even the Antarctic. The Russians fight for supremacy on battlefields which include Easter Island, the Moon and even Transylvania, where they finally corner and defeat the madman.