Excluding third versions, the main Pokemon games have always arrived in pairs. One version contains content that the other version won't have access to by normal means, which usually comes in the form of version-exclusive monsters. In addition to picking the starters, choosing which version to buy is one of the toughest decisions for players.

Well, why not just buy both versions?

Players looking to get their hands on the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on Nintendo 3DS will have the chance to grab both versions in a single package. Amazon has revealed that a bundle containing the two games will be available exclusively on Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

The games will come in a neat steelbook case featuring the legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala in their new forms on the covers. The inside of the case also features line art of the two Pokemon in a gold-colored background.

The cool bundle is now available for pre-order on the aforementioned Amazon sites. The Amazon US bundle is priced at $79.99 while the Amazon Canada bundle clocks in at $99.99. Buying both games separately will cost the same amount as the steelbook bundle. So if you're planning to get both, go for the Amazon bundle instead.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are basically enhanced versions of the original Pokemon Sun and Moon released just last year. Both games are set in the same region - but with a different story to tell. New features are expected to be included, though Nintendo has yet to officially announce the details of the new content and changes.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced just before E3 2017 kicked off last month. After some confusion no thanks to a product listing error, it was confirmed that both games will be available exclusively on 3DS.

The announcement took many by surprise, considering the rumors about a supposed "third version" of the seventh-gen Pokemon games. Though Nintendo didn't confirm the existence of the rumored "Pokemon Stars" at E3 2017, they did announce that a new main Pokemon game is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch in the future.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Moon launch on November 17, 2017.