Stardust Galaxy Warriors Stellar Climax Review

You know the score, there was a war, peace has settled over the galaxy and well....yeah you can guess can't you? The enemy have decided that revenge is a dish best served cold.

So put down your newspaper and cup of tea, there's work to be done!

Frantic and fast....

So fast and frantic in fact that though it's not impossible to play solo, it's really lends itself to the concept of group action. Up to four players are really needed to put up a challenge against the hordes of enemies and obstacles that will soon be filling up the screen.

Launch missiles, shoot lasers and even deliver melee attacks as your spaceships are actually mech's that are named after animal species.

They should give you a clue as to what you get, Hawk is swift and nimble and the bear is slightly slower but capable of taking some damage as well as dealing it in melee. The rest? Find out for yourself amigo.

Light on plot....

But heavy on blasting and fighting with themed challenge levels that are easier to attempt solo to some extent. Look if you want an in-depth plot look elsewhere. However if you like the chance to fiddle with your load out, then you can do so between levels pretty much to your hearts content.

Music, sounds etc.

The soundtrack is O.K. it suits the game but it won't linger in the memory. Sound effects are OK, explosions have some 'oomph' and most of the weapons sound as if they are dealing some decent damage.


On the whole pretty smooth and responsive BUT there can be a delay sometimes in missiles being launched after the button has been pressed, same for shields.

However when they cooperate they are smooth and should do the job OK.

Summing up

It's OK, good fun with mates, not so much fun solo. You get what you pay for simple as that. 

Oh and if Ben can edit the header, it's should be entitled as it is above. It's Stellar Climax NOT showdown, my bad.

Thanks to Xbox for the code.