Niantic will be releasing a special Pikachu for Pokemon GO at a computer graphics conference in Los Angeles, California next month.

A promotional e-mail for the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH) was shared on Reddit by user legoturtle92, which clearly states that the Pokemon GO developer is set to release a "rare Pikachu" for the conference.

The e-mail doesn't specifically say what kind of special Pikachu will be released for the event. It could be a Pikachu wearing a special hat like the Santa Hat Pikachu last year and the Party Hat Pikachu earlier this year. Another possibility is a Shiny Pikachu, which will undoubtedly be more interesting for Pokemon GO players attending SIGGRAPH 2017.

If Niantic goes for a special hat-wearing Pikachu, whatever cosmetic change the electric mouse gets will most likely carry over to its evolution, Raichu. That was the case with the Santa Hat Pikachu and Party Hat Pikachu - Raichu kept the hats upon evolution.

Regardless of the nature of the special Pikachu, it will turn out to be a very limited edition monster, considering not everyone can afford the time and money to attend the event.

SIGGRAPH is an annual conference first held in 1974. Renowned computer animation studio Pixar debuted its first animated short film at the event back in 1986. The now Disney-owned studio has since released a number of other animated short films at the event over the years.

Niantic will be represented by several employees at the conference, who will talk about the "Evolution of AR in Pokemon GO." The conference also includes panels hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a Production Gallery that will feature "physical props and artifacts" from well-known studios like Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment.

Curiously, the promotional e-mail also states that a live giraffe - a giraffe! - will be on hand as a model for an animal drawing workshop.

SIGGRAPH 2017 will be held from July 30 to August 3.