A lot of times, it's the main characters that get a lot of love from fans of video games. A lot of us can go on about our appreciation for Nathan Drake or even our Commander Shepard, but the supporting characters also play a major role in furthering stories and making the game a more enjoyable experience. Here's a list of few of the best supporting characters!

10. Ciri, The Witcher

When it comes to The Witcher, there is so much lore and media to dive into in order to get the full story - a book series, a TV show, and of course, the video games. There is so much world-building and character development, that it makes it difficult choosing the best supporting character.

Ciri is one of the few that come to mind, especially as The Witcher 3 focuses on Geralt searching for her, and the fact that you get to play as her during crucial plot points.


9. Sam Drake, Uncharted

Uncharted 4 introduced us to new relationship for Nathan Drake; his brother, Samuel. This entry of the series played a lot of focus on the Drake brothers and their relationship, past and present. There's a lot that makes Sam a wonderful addition to the game - from his sarcasm and sense of humor to the fact that he adds more depth and background to the story.


8. Chloe Frazer, Uncharted

As of what's released, Chloe Frazer's presence is very limited in the series, but will be making a comeback as the main protagonist in The Lost Legacy, due out in August of this year. Chloe is a survivor and this is shown with her strong and independent attitude. Her reputation is often praised in the games, as she's considered to be the "best driver in the business" and is considered to be in high demand.


7. Lamar, Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V introduced us to three main protagonists: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, and a whole world of side characters that added more umph to the story. Franklin's friend, Lamar, seems to stand out the most, and is even the only character that can join in on a hang-out session between two of the characters (Franklin and Trevor). And when the game's credits roll, you still have the chance to see Lamar in action, as he becomes the main NPC in Grand Theft Auto Online!


6. Tails, Sonic

Sonic: The Hedgehog is a game known by many - as it continues to spit out sequels ever since its original release in 1991. Miles 'Tails' Prower, sidekick to the speedy hedgehog, is seen as the adorable and timid fox, who eventually grows to be courageous and out-going. But being a sidekick is not all he is, as the character's two-tails allows him to become a helicopter, and he's even a mechanic genius and aerial pilot.


5. Victor Sullivan, Uncharted

As this list shows, it's near impossible to list only one supporting character from Uncharted; the entire series provides us with plenty of well-developed characters that play alongside or against Nathan Drake. But there's one who stays be his side throughout every entry and harnesses some of the best lines in the game, Victor Sullivan. Not only is he an exceptional treasure hunter, but also plays the role of father figure and mentor for our beloved, Nathan Drake, and always seems to have a habit of dropping some amazing comedic lines.


4. Harley Quinn, The Arkham Series

The Arkham Series hosted a lot of different DC heroes and villains - including Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, Nightwing, Batgirl, but there's one character who seems to stand out more than the rest, Harley Quinn. Ever since her start in Batman: The Animated Series, she's been a fan favorite and her popularity continues to grow, especially after the release of Suicide Squad. Rocksteady's Arkham series does not let fans down with their portrayal, and in fact, even released pre-order bonuses where you can play as Harley Quinn herself.


3. Clementine, The Walking Dead Game

It wasn't until season two that Clementine found herself in the spotlight as the main protagonist in Telltale's The Walking Dead Games, but it was evident, as she walked alongside Lee Everett, that she was a strong and well-developed character on her own. She's the only character that has popped up in all three seasons, and the character we tend to root for through every act of the story, even when she's not the main protagonist.


2. Ellie, The Last of Us

Including Ellie on a list of supporting characters can be considered debatable; as she ran the game just as much as Joel did. In fact, there's a small portion of the story where you even control Ellie through the snow-covered town, and of course, there's the prequel DLC, Left Behind, where Ellie becomes the main protagonist. Yet, for most of the main game, you play as Joel - who, at the end of the game, chooses keeping her safe over the chance to save others.


1. Yoshi, Super Mario Brothers

Would this really be a list without mentioning a character from one of the most popular video games? Most people can tell you who Mario and Luigi are and can even tell you the main premise of the story - this includes people who wouldn't even consider themselves gamers.

Yoshi made his first appearance in the beloved series in 1990 with Super Mario World, and ever since, became a fan-favorite. He, alongside the plumber brothers, have become popular enough to be featured on backpacks, notebooks, party favors, and more.