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"I'm a prisoner, trapped well before you ask, I don't know where I am. One moment I am elsewhere, and the next here, wherever the hell here is.Then I get approached by a stranger, who says, 'Kill the guard and you can get out of here'Well I managed that OK, but why  am I still here? Why am I still fighting and who are these guys trying to either imprison me again, or more than likely wanting me dead?"Then there's a shift....something in the atmosphere changes. 

"Here we go again". He moved forward, one hand near his gun, the other drawing his blade....

That sets the introduction part without giving anything away about the rest of the plot, good, because we don't like spoilers here!What you are going to be facing is an incredibly fast paced, eyeball searing, reflex testing adventure that compels, frustrates and rewards your patience and efforts in almost equal measure.

Colourful, cell shaded chaos...

The above heading describes the action in this game too a tee. The plot (such as it is) unfolds quite quickly as the game's duration isn't that long. Get the feel for this, master the controls and get your trigger finger, coordinated with your melee attacks and for God's sake, learn to block and dodge, and you will soon blast your way through this mad cap game.


The setting tends to be somewhat lacking in variety. The main battles are conducted in a circular arena and the game reminded me of one I reviewed some time ago (sadly I cannot recall the title) where the heroine has to hack and slash her way through wave after wave of robots and yakuza style gangsters, and that's the rub for me.

That I found to be too repetitive to be truly enjoyable and alas this suffers from the same problem.It's also frustrating, like playing Dark Souls or Demon Souls but at warp factor 3. It gives you very little time to draw breath and relax before another foe presents itself.So it's dodge, shoot, get close, hack, slash, back off...and rinse and repeat.  You get the picture.

The soundtrack

Techno, drum and bass with touches of metal combine to provide a pretty dynamic soundtrack and although that kind of music is not really my cup of tea, I found it adequate and it suited the mood of the game.


Colourful to the max a psychedelic, assault on the eyeballs. It's bright and colourful and well that sums it ups. There are no landscapes here, no rendered trees or rocks to look at. That perhaps is part of it's appeal if you like this sort of thing. 

Summing up.

It plays smoothly with little or no lag. There is no multiplayer or co-op here, you are on your own.

No not quite true, you do have a companion, a sort of stuffed toy looking rabbit thing. It gives you advice that soon strikes you as being obvious and encouragement. Although not Jar Jar Binks, I soon found the 'joy's of his companionship soon started to grate.It is what it is. What it delivers it delivers well I suppose but it's shallow and lacks depth.

There's nothing to exercise the braincells here and that's a shame. Could have been so much more I feel. A missed opportunity to give us something different, unique and engaging. Not for me.