Square Enix has announced "Lost Sphear," a new Japanese RPG from the makers of I Am Setsuna, Tokyo RPG Factory. It is the second title by the developer and will be released on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2018. The exact release date was not confirmed.

Lost Sphear has a lot of resemblances to I Am Setsuna, featuring similar visuals and a gameplay system that was based on classic RPG titles like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. It comes with a revamped Active Time Battle (ATB) System that will give you more strategic freedom in battle. Enthusiasts of old school RPG titles will definitely love this game.

The game is seen from a top-down isometric perspective, allowing you to fully appreciate all the beautifully created locations. The story follows a young boy named Kanata, who wakes up to find his town mysteriously disappearing in front of his eyes. Together with his comrades, he must go on a dangerous journey to save the world from its grim fate.

Lost Sphear will be available digitally on each platform's online store: PlayStation Store for PS4, Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC. It is priced at $49.99. PS4 and Switch owners can also get a physical copy, which is available exclusively at the Square Enix Online Store. Pre-ordering the game will get you two music tracks at launch. Speaking of which, did you get goosebumps while listening to that music playing in the reveal trailer? No? Listen to it again.

2018 is still a long wait. In the meantime, you can check out I Am Setsuna if you haven't played it yet. It will give you an excellent preview of what to expect in Long Sphear. Tokyo RPG Factory's first title was initially released as a Japan-only PS Vita title last year, before being released worldwide on PS4 and PC. I Am Setsuna released last March on Switch as part of the console's launch lineup.