Thanks to Xbox for the code!

Her Majesty is fed up with how things have been going. The morale of the country is down, there are tensions and so (with echoes of actual events) the Queen decides that the UK needs to be noticed again, to be taken seriously!

Back in the day of the Empire she thinks, the country was respected and people did not ignore us. What can she do to address the issue? Ahh what about making a NEW empire?

But not here, that would be impossible without causing at least a minor war, so what to do?

How about carving out a new British Empire in space?!

Two brave astronauts are trained and in a ship looking like a Mini Cooper with solid fuel rockets attached, is launched into the final frontier. Can our intrepid heroes make it?

There's a new space race on and well, let's just say the Queen is not the only one who has had similar ideas.....

Space Travel on a budget...

However it soon becomes apparent and as no surprise too the player of the game, that things have been done on shall we say, a somewhat limited budget.  Tech issues soon arise and so our heroes need to replace their control system and solve the issue on how to make a decent cup of tea in space!

That's just the tip of the iceberg however, and we will not reveal any other details of the plot, that's not what we do here O.K?

Joining the dots.

So how does this game play? Well it's the return of the old style point and click adventure game such as Day of the Tentacle, and Myst. You'll need to locate one item and attach it to another and perhaps a third, you get the idea.

Some of the puzzles are a little more cerebral than you'd expect but not so that you feel you need a degree to solve them, though some lateral thinking may be needed from time to time. Heck there's always the hint option if you are stuck, but using it affects your final rating after solving the puzzle. As said though it's not that difficult most of the time.

Looks, sound etc etc.

The game is pleasing to the eye and the soundtrack is nice and light hearted and at times a little menacing when things seem to be tricky or dangerous but we are not talking doomsday scenarios here.

The voice acting is adequate for the title and the script is riddled with many a pun to make you groan and chuckle alternately. There are tips of the hat to other cult Sci-fi TV shows and gaming culture, your inner geek will be appeased!

Controls are responsive and work well and character animations are very smooth.

It is what it is...

If you are looking for a Mass Effect multi path adventure then look elsewhere but if you are looking for something fun, retro style and above all entertaining then this will be right up your alley.

Play with an open mind and your tongue in cheek. Good fun.