PS4 owners who never got the chance to play or finish Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on PS2 will get another shot next week. Square Enix has announced that the third main game in the Star Ocean series is set to arrive May 23 on PS4 in North America and Europe. The Japanese version of the port has been available since March 31, 2017.

It is a PS2 Classic title and will be available on PSN for $20.99. The PS4 port will feature higher-resolution support, Trophies, Remote Play, and Share support. No new content has been added to the port. Which isn't surprising, considering the original was released more than a decade ago.

Till the End of Time was developed by tri-Ace and initially released in Japan on February 27, 2003. A Director's Cut edition was released on January 22, 2004, which is the same edition that the North American and European versions were based on.

Set four centuries after Star Ocean: The Second Story, Till the End of Time was the first in the series to feature voiced dialogue. It features many familiar gameplay elements found in the first two games, like Item Creation and real-time combat.

It was followed by two more sequels, 2009's Star Ocean: The Last Hope on PS3 and Xbox 360, and 2016's Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness on PS3 and PS4. Both sequels are often seen by many as the worst games in the series - most especially the latter.

The story-heavy series is known for its mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements and its action-packed real-time combat, which is different from menu-based combat systems found in traditional RPGs. The series is currently comprised of six games including Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, the Japan-only direct sequel to The Second Story.

Enhanced ports on PSP of the first two games in the series, retitled as Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution, were released in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Many consider Second Evolution and Till the End of Time as the best games in the series.