Thanks Xbox for the code for this one.

So an explorer finds herself stranded in a subterranean domain and she now has to struggle to get her way back to the surface world. To do so, she must reclaim parts of her explorers pack and sometimes parts to enable her to repair ancient machinery that will help her gain her freedom.

There's a vast world to explore so she'd better get down to it, with your help of course.

Match 3 or more action.

So how do you help her reclaim her liberty? By matching three or more (preferably) items together on a gaming grid, you will charge tesla coils that will in turn electrify and break away some unwanted obstacles. But be warned, you are against the clock for most of the game, and on other screens there are other problems to face like barriers made of padlocks, frozen tiles, and a board that's on fire. 

On boards that are on fire there is no time limit and to be frank there are times when these levels seem to drag on just a little too much, but with a time limit on them they would be nigh impossible to do but they might well test your patience.

Bonus Stage

In between chapters you'll get another challenge, and again it's against the clock. You'll see a large image and in the top corner, a section of that image in close up. All you have to do is locate the part of the picture that is represented in the corner. 

This is not easy, but if you complete enough of it you'll get a passive or an active boost for the next puzzle. The active ones can be swapped out and range from dynamite to extra time, and well I'll let you find out those for yourself.

Presentation etc.

Graphics are pleasing, and well just do the job they are suited to. It's not the most breathtaking graphics, granted, but then what do you expect? Some of the puzzle pictures though would make nice wallpapers for computers etc. 

Best part of the game besides the simplicity (ahem) of the gameplay is the music. It has a nice nineteen thirties style adventure movie tone and if you were running a pulp adventure table top RPG, then this would make nice mood music. The music becomes tense as the clock ticks down and you could easily imagine this being used where there's a perilous situation looming!


It's engaging and infuriating in equal measures but if you are a fan of games like Bejewelled 3 or Iron Cast (reviewed here earlier) then this will be up your alley, if not then well stay away. It won't be to everyone's taste.