Nioh players have been experiencing a game-breaking glitch in the game which overwrites previous save data when creating a new character. This has confused many as the game was designed to allow players to create multiple save files. It appears not everyone is affected, though.

Apparently, the game doesn't give any sort of warning that players could lose their previous save data when creating a new character, which isn't surprising since, as mentioned, it isn't supposed to be that way. A number of players have aired their frustrations on Reddit, with Reddit user Unkempt_Herald saying that they're done with the game because the progress they lost was just "too much to make up." You can't really blame them - Unkempt_Herald lost a level 98 character. That's a lot of ground to make up.

And it appears that's not all. According to Reddit user quitks, they would randomly get save file errors in-game as well. Team Ninja and Sony have yet to release a statement addressing the issue at hand. So while a fix is still nowhere in sight, it's best to keep it safe and hold off on creating a new character. Or, you know, you could always back up your save files first via USB or Cloud before starting a new one. Better safe than sorry.

Nioh is an action RPG exclusively available on PS4. It is set in a fictionalized Japan in the 1600s where players control an Irish samurai named William. Due to its action RPG gameplay and difficulty, Nioh is often likened to the notoriously punishing Dark Souls series. Development on the game started as early as 2004, but it wasn't until 2012 that Team Ninja took over. Alpha and beta demos were released, before the full game's eventual worldwide release last week.

Team Ninja released two limited-time DLC packs last year, Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Warrior. Only players who played and completed the demos were given access to these two DLC packs. As of this writing, no other DLC packs are up for grabs in the near future.

Source: Eurogamer