Apple users now have another way to enjoy the hit mobile game Pokemon Go. Well, at least those who own an Apple Watch. Niantic has announced that Pokemon Go is now available for Apple Watch owners, which can be downloaded from iTunes. This completely debunks the rumor that surfaced a few days ago that Niantic is canceling Pokemon Go for Apple Watch (which was actually denied by Niantic).

The Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go is, simply put, a mini version of the original game. The Apple Watch's limited interface had a lot to do with that. First of all, you can't Pokemon in this version, which should easily put off many players. Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemon. Pokemon Go for Apple Watch will only notify you if a Pokemon is nearby. If you want to throw a Pokeball at it, you would need to whip out your iPhone in dramatic fashion first.

Among other features, Pokemon Go for Apple Watch allows you to pick up items from PokeStops and notifies you if one of your Pokemon Eggs hatches (hopefully, into a Baby Pokemon). The former is especially useful when you're walking through a lengthy street with numerous PokeStops along the way. It's easier to simply tap on your wrist to pick up items, not to mention safer. If you bump into something or someone while spinning a PokeStop, there's zero chance your device will fall to the ground.

Non-Apple Watch users might grumble that Niantic should have just spent more time on the other second-gen Pokemon, instead of a version of the game on a device not really owned by many players. Niantic infamously only released a grand total of seven second-gen Pokemon last December 12. And they're not even particularly powerful Pokemon. No, we were only treated to the cute but useless Baby Pokemon. Not a great way for Niantic to end the year, especially not after the momentum they gained with other recent updates (special events, Daily Quests, etc.). Let's hope they start out 2017 with a bang.

Source: Niantic