Super Mario Run marks the first time Nintendo loaned their most important property to mobiles. However, not every Mario fan can fully enjoy it. The game is free, but to unlock the entire content, you would need to cough up $10. The free version only runs (no pun intended) up to three levels. Afterward, you can either make the purchase if you liked it enough or move on to other things if you didn't. However, what if you liked it but don't want to pay up?

Well, there's now a new way for you to play the game beyond the first three levels in World Tour mode. Nintendo has added a new mode called "Friendly Run" in the existing Toad Rally mode. Previously, you need tickets, which can be acquired through various methods such as completing Worlds, to enter Toad Rally mode. Friendly Run alternatively allows you to enter for free and compete against friends.

Of course, as with most things labeled as "FREE," there's a catch to this. Friendly Run can only be played once per day. If you want to play more, well, guess what, you need to buy the game. Finishing the first and second Worlds will grant you the chance to play Friendly Run up to three times and five times per day, respectively. That would be impossible if you're running the free version of Super Mario Run.

Furthermore, items and coins you collect in Friendly Run won't add to your "real" totals. It's simply a mode which promotes competition between friends. If you're not really into competition...well, have fun playing the first three levels endlessly. Because there's no other way to enjoy the game more, unless you cough up $10.

Super Mario Run was first announced at the annual Apple event back in September. It was released worldwide last December 15 for iOS devices, with an Android version reportedly on the way next year. Nintendo and DeNA, the Japan-based mobile games developer whom Nintendo partnered with in March 2015, worked on the game. Super Mario Run is available on iTunes.