The Turing Test Review


"It was a cold desolate planet, isolated, far from Mother Earth and they were sent to explore and prepare it for possible colonisation. But then contact was lost. They needed someone to investigate the site, guess who drew the short straw?

No I am not complaining, duty is duty. I just wish I had some company. It's so lonely here. There's hardly any sound, but at least we have lighting, but that does not mean the site is fully functional, far from it.

I've been given what looks like a gun, but for want of a better term, it's an electro-magnetic grabber, and I will need to use it to complete broken circuits and gain access to areas that are locked off too me.

There has to be a clue here somewhere....I hope...."

That sums up this game's plot. Like Cobalt which I reviewed earlier, this is about an isolated colony, which has stopped sending messages back home. Like the little robot of that title, our heroine has to figure out just what in the name of heaven is going on.

From screen shots, you may be forgiven for thinking that this is a first person shooter, it's not.

The 'gun' is a manipulative tool, to grab power units and repair broken circuits. It can lift, carry and to some extent throw an object but that does not mean it is not a weapon.

Indeed there are no enemies to shoot, you really are alone.

In space no one can her you....

It reminds me of Alien Isolation especially when you recall the heroine of that titles explorations of the abandoned space terminal. But at least you are not in danger of being hunted down and eaten by some huge, acid blooded, xenomorph!  

The lack of action may put some off, but if you like a good puzzle solving game, with some platform style jumping to do then this is it.

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere....

It's a snowy, arctic like planet, the wind howling outside is at times the only sound you will hear. It has an eerie feeling, but has no jump scares to make you look over your shoulder in anticipation of something nasty. 

But it does have atmosphere, it has one all of it's own and like Everyone's Gone to the Rapture, the feeling of isolation and bemusement is captured well. It's a deep and engaging mystery and one that will get you thinking.

Puzzle solving is key to this and there is much to explore and that includes secret areas that offer challenges all of their own.

Lighting etc...

The graphics are sharp and the lighting especially is very effective, add to that the aforementioned sound effects and you get a moody adventure indeed.  Patience is key here, it's going to take time to get to the bottom of this mystery but it won't take too long. 

It's no Skyrim, true, but it's big enough and it's worth looking for those restricted areas. 

There's a mystery in space to solve, so what are you waiting for? Suit up and get too it.



Challenging but not impossible, think laterally and you will solve most of the challenges.

Refreshing change of pace and an engaging plot.


May not have much replay value.

Some slow loading times.

Thanks to X Box for the code!