The Last Of Us is one of the best video games ever created. There's no debate on that one. Released back in 2013, the game garnered numerous Game of the Year awards and nominations from numerous publications and websites. Much of the praise was directed toward its story and well-developed main characters, Joel and Ellie. If you played the game and didn't get goosebumps during the ending sequence where Joel rescues Ellie from the "Fireflies," then there's something wrong with you.

However, the game ended with a cliffhanger, leaving players demanding for the continuation of the story. Three years later, Naughty Dog finally pulled the curtain, announcing the sequel in the recently concluded PlayStation Experience, simply titled "The Last Of Us Part II." You can check out the hype-starting trailer below if you still haven't watched it yet.

And in the aftermath of the announcement, fans have realized that the game was actually teased as early as last September, as Eurogamer reported. In celebration of "Outbreak Day" - the event marking the widespread release of the mutant "Cordyceps" fungus - last September, a limited-time poster was released. The poster, which you can check out below, depicts a hand holding a switchblade knife, presumably belonging to Ellie.

If you think the ferns and moth designed around the hand are familiar, that's because Ellie is shown in The Last Of Us Part II trailer sporting a tattoo on her left forearm with the same design. Sadly, if you want a more first-hand look at the aforementioned poster, it's no longer available. But thankfully, Naughty Dog has officially released an image of Ellie's tattoo, if you're still skeptical and want a closer inspection. Well, actually, it's because of this official artwork that fans were able to put things together.

The Last Of Us Part II takes place about five years after the first game, with an all grown up Ellie now as the primary character. Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson will once again lend their voices for Joel and Ellie, respectively. No official release date has been announced for the sequel yet.

Source: Eurogamer