"And we are racing!" as they say on the official formula 1 coverage on Sky and Channel 4 but this is no racing sim as you will get with the official Formula 1 games, this is a top down Micro Machines style racer, and is a follow up/sequel to Rock 'N' Roll Racing

Off Road.

People may remember my review of that title and recall that it was not all that favourable. It had issues with handling, on line play and was on the whole a frustrating game and to be honest a waste of space on the hard drive. So is this any better?


As said it's a top down style of presentation, reminiscent of Micro Machines. You only get the one car to start with, and as you progress, you'll unlock more cars, pain work etc. But to be honest there does not seem much variation in the cars at all.

OK they may be called something different and may have a new colour scheme but...well you'll hardly notice any difference in the way they handle, brake etc even if you tune them up.

Like Rock 'N' Roll Racing Off Road it's a case of struggling with the cars handling (or lack of) and the sensitive controls. It's predecessor was a case of bad handling, it was like trying to drive on grease with no brakes and this has the same issues to some degree.

Handling IS better but it's not a meteoric leap forward sadly. Cornering is particularly dodgy, either handling well or as was more often the case, the car just seemed to want to carry on in a straight line.

Once you get to grips with it you can proceed OK but the a.i. seem to have a distinct unfair advantage on you no matter what level you play. 

Physics etc etc.

Now I know it's an arcade racer but heck they are hardly realistic and as said the vehicle handling makes physics a joke. Lighting is fine and track details are OK, better then the Off Road Racer but this is as basic as basic can be.


The review is short and sweet I know, but the game is also short, it doesn't take that long to finish (if you can be bothered too that is).  Yes it IS better than Rock 'N' Roll racing Off road but not by a huge amount.

By the time you read this review, I'd have given up on this and stuck to Moto Cross Madness (backward compatible with 360) or any other racer I have on the hard drive.

Want arcade racing that's fun, then try Track Mania Turbo (which I reviewed earlier), want frustration and disappointment, then try this.