OCWorkbench have posted a review of the MSI k7t266pro2-ru motherboard. Heres a bit snip:

    MSI is the first manufacturer to announce and sell it's KT266A solution. We have been waited for too long for a solution that really brings out the best of DDR performance. Well, the wait is almost over with the current KT266A based MSI K7T266Pro2-RU.

    We have seen the performance of the KT266A board with reference to SiS735 and ALiMAGIK1 earlier and without much doubts, the KT266A is the solution which should be brought to the masses instead with newer revisions of KT266. There is no deny that the reference KT266A wins in most aspects when compared to retail boards based on Sis735, AMD761, ALiMAGIK1. We are going to find out how does retail KT266A boards pit against them.

    With a new silver and red packaging, MSI has really put in lots of work on designing a package that appeals to anyone. It looks attractive. Together with the package is a free MSI SmartKey which is a USB device which resembles those DONGLE used in locking applications. In fact, the function of Smartkey is similar to what a dongle does. We will look into that later. This is also the first board to support 4 USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 1.1 ports.