Most video games can provide a challenge; options may be set to play the game at a harder difficulty or without tips. But some gamers beg for more and this leads to playing their video games in some of the most extreme ways to defeat a challenge. Here are ten of the most unconventional ways people have played video games.


10. Playing Dark Souls Upside Down

Dark Souls is infamous with providing players with a challenge, but LobosJR doesn't let that stop him from finding ways to make the game even more challenging. In fact, he often finds ways to play Dark Souls in unconventional manners, such as attempting to go through it blindfolded. He used a mod to turn the game upside down and streamed the entire gameplay through his Twitch.


9. Fish Playing Pokemon

Catherine Moresco and Patrick Facheris hacked their fishbowl with a camera, and letting their pet fish, Grayson play Pokemon on a Twitch livestream. Of course, you can't expect too much excitement from a fish, as he must swim a certain direction to control the character, but Grayson did manage to play over 200 hours of Pokemon, name his first Pokemon, and defeat his first opponent.


8. Playing Resident Evil with Only a Knife

Playing the survival horror game, Resident Evil, with only a knife does produce a challenge for gamers, but the struggle isn't slapping zombies away. The real problem comes in with defeating the bosses - dodging to make sure you remain unscathed while also attempting to slash. Surprisingly, several players have decided to accept this dangerous challenge - and have actually succeeded.


7. Playing with Dance Mats to Reach WoW Level Cap

Gamer Rudeism on Twitch states that he intentionally plays his video games 'wrong', which we seen as he danced his way to level 100 on World of Warcraft. In the matter of five days and eleven hours, all being streamed on the gaming networking platform, he reached his goal - resulting in a teary-eyed 'thank you' to his fans.


6. Using Turn Tables to Control Lucio on Overwatch

Although not willing to brave it and play with real-life players, youtuber Whybeare used DJ Hero's turntables to control Lucio on a map versus AI. Movement of the character was mapped onto the left turntable, while the right turntable was used for aiming. Even with its kinks, Whybeare was impressive controlling the support character with only turntables.


5. Using a Real-Life Ocarina to Play Ocarina of Time

Youtuber, MonotoneTim, used an actual woodwind instrument to control Link through Ocarina of Time. He modified the instrument to play as a controller; notes corresponded to certain button inputs. For a total of six hours, viewers of his livestream could witness as the he runs into a few struggles, but also manages to defeat some bosses with music.


4. Playing Tetris on a Building

Students in Germany had the brilliant idea to convert a huge university building into their own Tetris video game. After 5,000 hours of work, the group installed 56,448 LEDs in 392 windows on the front of the building. All of this hard work and effort was worth it as it's brought in crowds to watch the light show, and its professors can run experiments that they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.


3. Playing Dark Souls by Only Using your Voice

Another way a player has made Dark Souls even more challenging than it already is. Bearzly has beat the game with Rockband's guitar and drums, and even by using Donkey Konga's bongos set - but he wanted to take it to another level, and throw the controller completely to the side and replace it with a microphone. Yep, that's right, Bearzly played through the game only using voice commands.


2. Playing Super Mario with your Nose

Wakou, a NicoNico streamer, played Super Mario World with a recorder and.. his nose. He used a program called Audio Pad which uses a PC microphone to listen to notes that trigger particular buttons on a controller. He managed to play through a few levels, and finally, after a few tries, beat the first castle.


1. Controlling Winston with Actual Bananas on Overwatch

Rudeism was back at it again - this time playing Winston, the ape character, with a bunch of bananas. The fruit was attached to a circuit board, and sides of the bananas were assigned controls. For two and a half hours, he played competitively and, surprisingly, didn't do so bad under the circumstances.