Next month, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be unleashed worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS. The pair marks the seventh generation of Pokemon games after Pokemon X and Y (also for the 3DS). Over the past few months, Nintendo has been releasing gameplay videos which primarily showcase all-new Pokemon in the Alola region. And now, Nintendo has dropped another one, which might be the last one, if the content is any indication.

First and foremost, the video officially revealed the final evolutions of the traditional three starters. Keyword here is "officially" because the entire Alola Pokedex was leaked just a few days ago. The final evolutions are: Decidueye (Grass/Ghost), Incineroar (Fire/Dark), and Primarina (Water/Fairy).

The type combinations of the three final evolutions are all firsts for starter Pokemon. Once again, this leaves the second-gen games, Gold and Silver, as still the only ones to feature single-type final evolutions for the starters (Meganium, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion). The most notable of these newly revealed final evolutions is Incineroar, which marks the second time in a row that the Fire-type starter did NOT evolve into a Fire/Fighting combo. Curiously, Incineroar still looks like a Pokemon with a Fighting subtype.

The video also revealed three new Island Guardians in the Alola region: Akala Island's Tapu Lele (Psychic/Fairy), Ula'Ula Island's Tapu Bulu (Grass/Fairy), and Poni Island's Tapu Fini (Water/Fairy). These 'Tapu' Pokemon not only bear similar names, they also share a unique Z-Move which summons a giant headless guardian that slaps the shit out of poor Pokemon.

As usual, a Pokemon from the original 151 was shown with an Alola form. This time it's Persian, who now looks like a grey...Garfield? Oh well. And lastly, the Pokemon League was teased, which looks like a daunting mountain that you need to scale. But the reward is that it appears you get to battle and team up with popular trainers in previous generations. Like Cynthia, Wally, Red, and Blue. Yep, Red and Blue from the original games are back, and unlike Ash Ketchum they've actually aged.

Pokemon Sun & Moon releases on November 18.