The holiday season is upon us and there's still no definitive word from Nintendo about the upcoming 'NX' console. Well, at least they're being consistent, so they probably deserve a medal for that. Another consistent thing is the endless rumors that surround the under-wraps console. And it looks like we have another one on the table which promises to be the most exciting yet.

According to financial services group Macquarie, which was reported by Seeking Alpha, the NX is set to be revealed this week. The keyword here is "reveal" - the NX won't be having a surprise launch this week. This means that we may finally get official details on the console's specs, design, and most especially its official name. Yep, less than six months before its scheduled release, which is on March 2017, and we still don't what it's going to be called.

Furthermore, it seems like the price tag will be right in the alley of current-gen consoles, which is between $300-350. Of course, we don't know yet if the console's features lives up to its price tag. The only thing we do know, assuming those numbers turn out to be true, is that we won't have to break the bank for the NX. The price tag may be good news for us, but apparently it isn't for Macquarie. According to the report, the price range of the NX "will result in a major disappointment for volume sales".

But ignore that last bit for now. The important thing is that, after months of feeding on endless rumors and speculations, we may finally get official details this week. If you've been keeping tabs so far, the NX is reportedly going to be a handheld console that has the ability to also function as a home console. It will also have detachable controllers that may or may not feature motion controls similar to the Wii Remote. Let's just hope that Nintendo has really warmed up to the idea of sharing NX details. Stay tuned this week, people.