Overclockers Online has slammed the GeForce 3 from VisionTek on the testbench. With the new Ti cards on their way to the shelves, the "old" GeForce 3 might be a very good buy for little money. How did the card stack up in the torturing? Snip:

    "Like I said, the memory of all the GeForce 3 cards is clocked at 460MHz (230MHz DDR) by default. In order to achieve these speeds, some very fast memory is needed. The VisionTek comes with 3.8ns memory, that can take a lot more than 460MHz as you will see later on. The preinstalled heatsinks are doing a good job in keeping the chips cool, and you can bet your ass off that they will get hot when running through several loops of 3D Mark 2001. The heatsink that sits on the core, is pretty big as well although a Blue Orb would outsize it I think.

    If you compare the e.g. Elsa card to the VisionTek card, you will notice that both cards are as good as equal. That's because both manufacturers are using the nVidia reference design. Why? It is a lot cheaper than designing your own GF3 card!! As a matter of fact, VisionTek is known to design the nVidia reference design and deliver it to many OEM's and retailers. This was also the deal with the TNT cards and previous GeForce cards ... So it is safe to say that VisionTek has the expertise to deliver a good video card."