ocworkbench.com have got some details of the first white PCB mainboard, the ABIT CASPER ST6E. Heres a bit from thier news post:

    According to Akiba, this board is similar to ST6-RAID, a 815 B-stepping mainboard. It's a Socket 370/FC-PGA2 mainboard and comes with 3 DIMM slots supporting PC133SDRAM. 1 AGP, 6 PCI, 1 CNR is the standard. There will be a ST6E-RAID which includes HPT370 RAID controller.

    SoftMenu III is included to allow changing of the FSB frequency in the interval from 50 to 250MHz at 1 MHz intervals. The Vcore is also adjustable from 1.05 and 1.825V at 0.025V increment.