It's been known for quite a while that a new console is currently in the works at Nintendo HQ: the code-named 'Nintendo NX'. But since the initial announcement last March 2015, Nintendo has yet to have the heart to share details about the console to eagerly waiting fans, except that it's scheduled to roll out in March next year. Although unofficial details scooped up from "sources" have surfaced in the past two months, people are generally still left in the dark regarding the exact console details.

And now, you can add another piece of information in the List of Unconfirmed Nintendo NX Info. Thanks to eagle-eyed users at Reddit and NeoGAF, it looks like Nintendo may have accidentally leaked the exact release date of the Nintendo NX. As seen from the images in the links, Nintendo clearly lists two The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo with a release date of "04/03/2017", which translates to March 04, 2017. However, as of this writing, Nintendo has changed the date to simply "2017" (as seen in the second image below).

If you're wondering why a Breath of the Wild amiibo indicates a possible NX release date...well, the next installment in the Zelda franchise will be one of the NX launch titles, so put things together and voila. You can't exactly consider a game a "launch title" if it won't accompany the console at launch. Of course, it's entirely possible that the Breath of the Wild amiibo will be released before or after the actual game. So, like with all other news, leaks and rumors surrounding the NX, take this one with a grain of salt.

The NX is reportedly a high-powered handheld console that's capable of docking with a TV to also function as a home console. It will also feature detachable controllers and will turn back the time and use cartridges again for its games medium. Nintendo surprisingly passed on the Tokyo Game Show 2016 to unveil the NX, so until they finally decide to let us in on their mysterious console, all we can do is patiently wait.