While there is no exact date yet as of this writing, this month will see the release of the Death Star DLC for Star Wars Battlefront. Along with the usual new multiplayer maps, weapons and Star Cards, the upcoming expansion pack - based on the first Death Star seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - gives you the chance to ride Luke Skywalker's famous Red Five X-Wing Fighter and his dad's TIE Advanced x1 Fighter. And a new game mode, Battle Station, allows you to engage in battles both inside and outside the Death Star.

However, those aren't the highlights of the Death Star DLC. No, it will come in the form a furry, bowcaster-wielding Wookiee. You might have heard of him - his name's Chewbacca. EA has recently posted details of the new character, along with the reptilian-looking bounty hunter Bossk.

According to EA, Chewbacca "has more health than most heroes and a small amount of armor that allows him be the much-needed Rebel tank" and that the Wookiee "may not move as fast as the other Rebel heroes, but his damage absorption more than makes up for it".

Chewbacca comes with the "furious firing" trait which gives his famed bowcaster the ability to fire additional bolts with each trait level. For his abilities, Chewbacca can fire even more bolts with Multi-Bolt; hand out level three Berserker effect and high armor with Mighty Roar; and damage surrounding enemies with Ground Slam.

As for the other character, the bounty hunter Bossk is a "destructive and nasty opponent who would also have the skills to escape dangerous situations", according to EA.

Bossk boasts a sort of health-sucking trait called "Trandoshan Regeneration" which allows him to gain health every time he kills a soldier or hands out a large chunk of damage to heroes. For his abilities, Bossk can turn his weapon into a mini grenade launcher with Micro-Grenades; gain numerous buffs like increased damage and sprinting speed with Predatory Instincts; and gift a toxic Dioxis Grenade to poor souls with Toxic Escape.

If all those details get your blood boiling with hype, then check out this teaser trailer for the Death Star DLC to get your hype into overdrive.

Star Wars Battlefront is available for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The Death Star DLC is the third in the planned quartet of post-release content for Season Pass owners. The first two DLC packs, Outer Rim and Bespin, were released last March and June, respectively. The fourth and presumably last DLC, Rogue One: Scarif, will be released later this year. Technically, the Death Star DLC is the fourth overall expansion pack if you include the Battle of Jakku DLC released last December.