Agent 47 is set to bring his (assassination) talents stateside in the upcoming fifth episode of Hitman. IO Interactive has just announced that Hitman Episode 5 will take place in the cold winds of Colorado, USA and will be arriving in players' digital laps this coming September 27th.

Titled as "Freedom Fighters", the story mission will take Agent 47 inside an ordinary-looking farm that's been transformed into a private militia training facility. Episode 5 is said to be the "toughest assignment yet for Agent 47", according to IO Interactive, courtesy of the doubled number of targets. Instead of the usual two targets like in previous episodes, Agent 47 will be tasked to take down four targets: Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg and Penelope Graves, four dangerous people with very special skill sets. 

Episode 5 will also contain the usual effects contained in previous episodes. Agent 47 will have access to new opportunities and disguises, as well as new gear, weapons and items which are unlocked by slogging through the additional 70 challenges. And as usual, all new items can be used in previous episode locations once unlocked. And aside from providing Agent 47 his toughest and potentially most dangerous mission yet, Episode 5 will also work as a platform to set up the final episode of the game, which will be set in the colorful world of Japan. The last episode will also be released later this year, barring any landscape-changing setbacks.

Hitman is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was published by Square Enix. Previous episodes had Agent 47 taking down targets in Paris (France), Sapienza (Italy), Marrakesh (Morocco), and Bangkok (Thailand). Hitman previously received skepticism for its chosen episodic format, which saw the game receive monthly installments - except June - since its initial release in March. But so far, the game has seen success with its format. A bundle which contains all the episodes will presumably arrive in early 2017, unless IO Interactive chooses to expand the game and continue to add more episodes.