The next duo in the main Pokemon series, Sun and Moon, will be out in two months and Nintendo has now given fans an enticing incentive to get them early, just announced at the Nintendo Direct. If you buy either of the games - or both if you want access to all the version-exclusive Pokemon - within the first two months of release, you will get a limited edition Munchlax. You can check out the video shown at the event below.

The Munchlax itself isn't exactly all that special, but after you show it enough "friendship" and evolve it into a Snorlax, it will have access to a very powerful Z-Move: "Pulverizing Pancake". Don't laugh - that's the actual move name and not some dish or whatever. To use the move, however, you must give Snorlax the item "Snorlium Z" first. The video above doesn't show the power of Pulverizing Pancake in typical numbers (Base Power). But based on how Snorlax executes the move - which involves it uncharacteristically moving at high-speed - it's easy to imagine that if Magikarp was on the receiving end, no body parts will be left behind enough for a single piece of sushi. Poor thing.

Munchlax was first introduced in the fourth-gen games (Diamond and Pearl), while Snorlax has been busy sleeping and blocking paths ever since the first-gen games (Red and Blue). Pulverizing Pancake is one of the new Z-Moves that will be introduced in the upcoming seventh-gen games. They are moves that contain the "power of both Trainer and Pokemon" and can only be used once per battle. You can get the limited edition Munchlax if you buy Pokemon Sun/Moon on or before January 11, 2017 and connect to the internet in the same time-frame.

Also introduced in the video was the Alola Form of Rattata, which adds the Dark-type to its usual Normal-type to complement its new darker, nocturnal-like look.

But of course, nobody cares about the cannon-fodder rat Pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released this November 18 for the Nintendo 3DS.