In this wonderful age of playing the enemy, Zombie Night Terror has reared it's ugly, decaying head. A cross in if Plague Inc. met and married your old school Lemmings--this wonderful and entertaining game would be the by-product.

A childhood favorite--on hard mode

Zombie Night Terror is smart and fun, but can also be wildly frustrating at times. The first couple levels ease you in like any Pengu/Lemming type game would. You get a handful of zombies willing to pound and smash their ways through blockading doors keeping idiot humans safe and sound on the other side. This escalates quickly however, and by the time you're at a twenty minute 'just play for fun' run, you're panicking and shouting at your computer that you probably clicked that button! 

The buttons I'm talking about are the zombie's special abilities. You have to earn by sacrificing through the whole ordeal, but get really fun tidbits of destruction in return. You can puke, explode, infect your way to the top. The AI keeps things interesting and adds to the replayability of the game, something that I know is very important to this type of genre. You can pause to freeze everything, giving you a moment to think and work out a plan, but when playing I found panicking at the last minute happened way more than actual reaching for the Space Bar. A good thing to mention here would be that the developers have listened to people in forums talking about the insane jump in difficulty from the beginning levels and on and have patched to provide a remedy. I would still say this game is challenging, but not overall impossible like it once was.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it--is to bring down the human race!

Every level has the same basic goal in addition of side challenges--which is to basically infect/kill everything and escape with he most of your horde intact. It sounds simple enough, but the humans involved aren't going without a stiff fight, and sometimes without clever planning on your part, can really take a chunk out of your undead pride. But like any good puzzle game, where there's a will, there's a way--and finding a way around these salty sacks of live flesh is the biggest challenge of them all.

Your bile really brings out your eyes!

The art is absolutely to die for. Adorable 8-bit zombies and humans lining your screen, with a wonderful noir backdrop to boot. The story is silly and entertaining, which is fun, given these type of games don't normally have a storyline per se to follow. (Not to mention how straightforward a zombie invasion has come to be.) It adds some cheek and shows of the great capabilities of these retro remakes. The easter eggs and well met as the actual virus itself is dubbed 'Romero'. Don't be fooled by the innocent graphics though--this game is certainly not made for children. The harsh language and pretty well accomplished horror vibe (given that it is pixalated) are tight in their delivery. 

It's stylized, inviting with simplicity and complex enough to try and master. Zombie Night Terror is a good play, but not for the faint of heart if you look to always beat the pants off of your games. I can only recommend this title if you've really sharpened your claws as a kid playing Lemmings or the like, otherwise it might not be the title for you.