The bad news for Final Fantasy fans is that the upcoming Final Fantasy XV has been delayed by another two months, moving from its September release date all the way to November. But eagerly waiting fans probably don't care even if the game is delayed as far back as early 2017, as long as it sees daylight. After all, they already waited ten years for Final Fantasy XV to finally come into fruition. In the meantime, they can get acquainted with the game's backstory and lore through the accompanying animated movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

The movie was originally released last August 19, but only in select theaters, which most likely deprived a lot of fans from taking an early look at the world they're set to explore this November. Now, the good news is that the movie is now available for digital download at online stores, like iTunes and Google Play, and is priced at only $14.99. For physical copy collectors, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is also set for a DVD and Blu-ray release this coming October 4.

Despite featuring a powerhouse voice cast for its major characters - Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings), Lena Headey (300, Game of Thrones) - the Final Fantasy XV movie was blasted with negative reviews, although received praise for its stunning visuals. Animated movies based on video game properties don't really get much love, so the negative reviews aren't exactly surprising. They are primarily catered for fans and don't really follow the mold of a typical movie production.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV takes place during the opening act of Final Fantasy XV and focuses on King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII, father of the game's main character Noctis, and Nyx Ulric, a member of the titular Kingsglaive that act as the defenders of the kingdom of Lucis. Takeshi Nozue, Takashi Hasegawa, and Hajime Tabata (Final Fantasy Type-0, The 3rd Birthday) served as the director, writer, and producer, respectively, of the movie. Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29 for the PS4 and Xbox One.