BlueMonday have just posted a preview of Fishtank Interactive's upcoming strategy game, Etherlords. Heres a snip:

    "The campaigns are split into missions taking place on independent maps. Using one or more heroes, the player explores the map, challenges neutral creatures (which will attack heroes of any side), and captures buildings to gather the resources to power spells. There are also neutral buildings with different functions, like adding new spells for a hero to cast.

    Each side has its one castle on the map, which lets you invoke new heroes, or cast global spell affecting the game world. The castle is the only building that can't be replaced, so it isn't a good idea to let an enemy attack it.

    That's all administration you'll see in Etherlords, since there's no building construction, and the only creatures you get to manage are you're own heroes. You don't even want to have too many of them, since it's much more effective to have a couple of strong, experienced warriors, than having three dozens of level one heroes."