Punks in the Dungeon

There's a distinct feeling that whilst I'm playing Dungeon Punks, there should be a character with a massive mowhawk, leather jacket, studs, and an anarchy symbol on a shoulder patch. There isn't, and fortunately it's not a game about members of British Punk band: the Clash, delving into a dungeon to get loot, and murder the indigenous population of goblins. Only now, I actually want a game like that!

Dungeon Punks is a brawler, kind of classic Ninja-Turtles, Goldenaxe, Chronicles of Mystara style - it's nicely retro in one way, and quite modern in others. It's also heavily tongue-in-cheek, with an anime inspired art style, kind of like Dragon's Crown. You're cast as one of a group of diverse heroes, Dungeon Punks, badasses who rock around various areas and do the dirty jobs that no one else will do, for the kind of money that no one else'd work for.

There's a shaman werewolf for example, and lizard men, sword wielding badasses, and more.

If you can find them, maybe you can hire the B-Team...

Punk'd in the Dark

There's twists and turns around every corner of the Dungeon Punks story, and it all revolves around various corporations in this steampunky-anime world. Death isn't too much of a problem in this society, as long as you have resurrection insurance, you can come back. Expect a lot of backstabbing, corporate greed, noblity with attitudes that stink, and so on. It's great!

Playin' in the Dungeon

If you've ever played a brawler like Chronicles of Mystara, or any of the 2d Turtles games, then you're going to know what to expect. Save for the fact that Dungeon Punks has a tag-team system gameplay and lets you bring in various characters as you unlock them, hiring them on. You can switch them out and level them up as you roll through the various levels, all represented on the big overworld map that your airship goes to.If your main character dies, you'll swap to another of your roster.

Also you'll never be on your own, you can adventure with up to 3 other players, or travel with 3 AI who do a fairly good job of kicking ass with you.

There's also side missions on the various levels, as well as a bunch of quests you need to go on to progress the story.

There's an intermission between the levels, so you can shop, and upgrade the character with various skills via the experience you acquire from your various trips.

The game also has a loot system, so you'll be buying, finding, and upgrading your equipment as you level too. A nice little touch to find in a brawler game like this, it certainly adds to the replay value.

The controls are pretty simple with hints as you play, showing you what button combination triggers what special attacks you can do.

There's also animals to ride, and fight atop of. Classic stuff!

Pretty in Punk

Whilst some of the animation might seem a little stiff, the game looks good, with a great level of detail on the characters, and a lot of quirky design. This is what sets it apart from the other types of games in the genre, with its mix of strange aesthetic, anime-inspired art style, and high quality level art. Dungeon Punks is as much as statement about these kinds of games, as it is a game itself, if that makes sense.

It's mocking the genre, and refusing to take itself seriously - which is a breath of fresh air. So expect some maidens in typical anime-style minimalist clothing, and some guys too, as well as the aforementioned werewolf, lizard men, and more.

The frame rate keeps up solidly, and barring the stiff animations for combat, the rest of the game plays/looks good.

Rock that Dungeon

So, Dungeon Punks is worth it. It offers a lot of replay, loads of characters to unlock, lots of potential for adventure and is a refreshing take on the brawler formula with its various tag-team characters, and loot system.

So if you're looking for a fun fighter, with co-op options, something a bit quirky, and not up its own backside - Dungeon Punks is the game for you!