bluescreenofdeth have taken a look at Case'sensitive's coloured 80mm Evercool fans. Here's a quote from the review:

    "I recieved four fans from Case-sensitive; gold, silver, red and blue in colour. Just before flaming me (or for that matter Case-sensitive), to say that the fans cannot be found on Evercool's web site; they are hand painted by Case-sensitive. Not that you'd have noticed - the quality of painting being excellent, with hardly a drip or brush line in sight. The fans come with four pin molex connectors, with a straight through thing so you can connect lots of fans to one molex on the power supply. The Evercools are fairly low powered, so you could probably run them straight off your motherboard (with the correct connector) if you really wanted to (there's little reason for doing this though, especially as they haven't got a sensing wire)."