If you are looking for something that is (to quote one of our favourite table top role playing games) fast, furious and fun then look no further. There is no great earth shattering plot, no moral choices to make, it's just a fast paced action packed game. Each game just lasts 5 minutes in duration so you can find yourself having played for an hour without even realisiing it!

Play solo in the season mode or play online, it's up to you, but whichever you choose to play you are in for a bright, colourful and explosive game. This is the kind of thing the boys from Top Gear would happily indulge in if they could! It's fast paced, somewhat manic at times but heck, it just leaves this reviewer with a smile on his face even if an a.i. has just served us our backside on a platter!

If you are looking for a game with realistic physics forget it, but that's no bad thing. This bright, futuristic sport is just a great arcade sports game, and if you can accept that then just switch on the console pick up your pad and get playing. There is not much I can say about this game, it has many good points but no, it's NOT perfect but heck it is F-U-N. Yes I said that already but just don't take my word for it, just give it a whirl! You can go all wheel of death, and speed along the arena walls! 


Fast, smooth and very efficient. No lag, busy lobbies and players that can give you a darned good match. Again it only takes 5 minutes to play a game, so the time passes very quickly indeed and whether you go for a league game or a friendly you are in for a good time.

No pop up either, graphics do not suffer as the game moves at a very impressive frame rate online or indeed offline.


Really really responsive and very easy to learn (though a little tricky to master). Acclerate with the right trigger, X makes the car jump or flip back onto it's wheels if it rolls onto it's roof, O activates it's nitrous boost and square activates a power slide, which once mastered, is a very useful tool to make quick and decisive turns.

There's not much more than I can add to this, except to highlight it's flaws, which are few and far between to be honest. It's hard to master the controls and A.I. controlled teams in season mode are not going to treat you kindly. There is no difficulty selection here, you are going to have to learn the hard way alas. But heck, it's fun and if you do get hammered, if you are like me, you will go for the next match, determined to do better! oh I almost forgot, as you play you will level up and unlock new skins and shells for the cars.

The new DLC gives you two new vehicles and trims, but even though it's nicely priced there's not quite enough there to tempt me to buy it. I am more than happy with the game as it is. (no sign of any season pass to download either). The soundtrack by the way is up tempo and solid and serves the game well.

Right time to buckle up and take to the pitch...