Hot Hardware have written their impressions of Plextor's newest flagship CD-RW drive, the PlexWriter 24/10/40A. CD burning in 4 minutes flat! Check it out!

    "Finally, Plextor introduces us to yet another first in CD Recordable Technology, "PowerREC II". Frankly, we never heard of even PowerREC #1 for that matter. However, this seems to be a solution to a problem with CD-R drives, since their introduction. For many years, end users have relayed stories of specific CD Media that was basically useless in particular CD-RW drive. Perhaps it was just a bad case of the "flakies" or outright refusal to burn at a decent speed without totally wasting an otherwise perfectly good CD-R. Many times, there were certain brands of CD-R discs that just weren't friendly to certain CD-RW drives. Plextor's answer to that is "PowerREC II"."