Putting the Grand in Grand Theft Auto

A while ago we reviewed the 360 version of GTA V, we loved it. I loved it, I loved it so much that I continued to play it in single player until I'd 100%'d the whole thing. GTA Online was a mixed bag for me, fun, but lacking the heists that we'd been told were coming. Flash forward to the new-generation (now current gen) of consoles and BAM, GTA V was back with a brand new coat of paint, fresh perspective (first person) and a boatload of changes/customisations that made the game even better.

Under our old system I gave it a 10, and I stand by that. Especially now the heists are finally out and GTA Online is running quite smoothly.

So rather than ramble on about the same-old, same-old here's the link to the GTA V Xbox One review: GTA V 2014 review

If the Xbox One and PS4 versions are the master of remasters, then the PC is the definitive version of the remastered master. Or something like that.

The game is incredible, incredible in a sense that Rockstar has once again added new stuff to the PC version in terms of scalability - so anyone who can bend their brain around the graphics options and settings can get the best performance out of the title that's humanly (on inhumanly) possible.

Bewildered by this, worry not, Nvidia have produced a huge article on the settings with comparison screenshots - and I'm going to link it right now.

Nvidia Settings Article

GTA V PC is a mindblowing achievement in terms of technical prowess, and it retains everything that made the 360 and current gen console versions great. The first person view mode is even better on the PC with everything looking so much clearer and crisper, remembering of course that the current gen consoles are no slouch when it comes to this game.

However even someone like me, who plays on the consoles can recognise the best version when they see it. This one.

The PC leads the way on this game with two features, one returning from GTA IV PC and the other brand new - what are they? Director Mode and the Rockstar Editor. The former is a new way for Machinima creators to use different characters in their creations, the latter is the updated movie creation tool that premiered in GTA IV on the PC.

The Rockstar Editor is a massive step up from the old GTA IV one though, this thing is equivalent to some of the professional movie making software. The huge array of editing options would take more than this review has just to cover them.

I'll let the smooth tones of the Rockstar lady fill you in on the rest though, because seeing is believing - Introducing the Rockstar Editor

Just because I love it so much too, and it's a great example of what you can do with the editor: Running Man is the first video created with the tools, and it is excellent.

Running Man Video

It's really hard to review GTA V after playing the Xbox One version, not because there's staggering differences in performance between the PC and the current gen console, or because so much can be done with the new tools - it's just getting hard to say anything that hasn't been said about this great game.

This is just single player of course, with the movie-style playbook of great heist moments across the main storyline. With the 3 main characters, Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Free roaming the city of Los Santos, the wilds of Blaine County and more with the three amigos is fun, fun x10 on the PC version where everything just looks and feels highly polished.

Then of course there's GTA Online, packed with all the updated content available to the console versions - GTA Online has a staggering amount to see and do, especially now the heists are in - these epic multi-tiered and layered missions are available from Rank 12 to anyone with a high end apartment and fundamentally change the way that GTA Online is played.

A real blast on the current gen consoles, just as fun on PC.

If you haven't jumped into Rockstar's epic crime drama, or you were waiting for the PC version to land - yet worried it might be a lack-lustre port? Have no fear, it's a fantastic game and well worth the wait on PC. The Editor, the Director Mode, the additions and massive array of graphics settings make this one of the best versions of the game without a shadow of a doubt.