It seems almost like an eternity ago that yours truly, got the job of reviewing the playstation 3 version of this title. I must admit it's a game I thought would never transfer across to tablets or indeed work well if it did. Well I was at least wrong on one score.

But it sounds like I'm jumping ahead of myself but I am not. Bare with me on this one O.K?

Story wise there is no change in plot. An alternate earth Superman kills the Joker after he detonates a nuclear bomb in the heart of Metropolis, killing several million people and Superman's wife (Lois) and unborn child. You can understand the Man of Steel being just a tad annoyed but the vigilante Batman tries to be the voice of reason much to some folk's suprise. But being a normal man, Batman is unable to stop his Kryptonian Justice League colleague.

But even the great detective can not for see what comes next. Superman declares martial law. If you are not with him, then you are against him. He has Batman arrested for treason and locked up...and a situation arrises that has echoes of Marvels Civil War mixed with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Friends turn on friends, villains become heroes (in the alternate reality, Lex Luthor is a good guy) and 'our' Joker dimension hops to the alternate earth and wins the heart of a mourning Harley Quinn and with the aid of a chemical, becomes the Clown Prince of Crime on a new earth, that my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg......

That's the console story, so why mention it here? Because strangely the tale is glossed over in this conversion. Perhaps they assume anybody playing this, is already aware of the story line, so maybe newcomers are going to be thinking 'what the heck?' On the other hand of the coin however, is the fact that it means that without the plot to get in the way, you can get straight down to some bruising action.

So obviosuly this is going to play differently, button presses and sticks are replaced with a series of finger strokes across or up and down the screen, or in some cases some frantic tapping of the screen (Charging Nightwing's ground spark attack is an example of this) to deliver a super powered smackdown!

So yes it plays very differently and in some ways it resembles a collectable card game. The screen shot above (or to the side) shows the cards that represent your team of three that will go on through battles through each stage of the action. You will unlock characters as you play through and earn experience points to level up your heroes or villains. You will also earn credits and with these you can buy extra heroes or 'booster packs' which have three characters inside. The main game is free but uses micro transactions for real money if you want to speed things up, although you will still have to level them up as normal.

There's also challenge mode where you can unlock extra items to give your heroes and boost their stats and give them new attacks or enhancements. (Wonder Woman's bracelets for instance) or alternative skins for your characters.

So the Console game is an enjoyable enough romp so how does this compare? It lacks the story depth which is a shame, but it does have a dynamic interface, and game play is fairly smooth but you soon feel 'finger fatigue' as it were, and it will drain your battery as you play!

It also takes some time to install so be patient, but the game's graphics are sharp, movement fluid and combat bruising. Not as sharp as the console version true, but still engaging and fun. It's free so at least try it.